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By Ron Greenwald

The Best of Life is Yet to Come: 6 Part Series

On 11, Feb 2015 | No Comments | In Blog, Education | By Ron Greenwald

All about YOU!

All about Your Quality of Life.  

All about Your Lifestyle as you age.  

All about the Family Legacy & Harmony you wish to create.


What is the goal of the 6 part series?

The  speakers dedicate their time to provide attendees with the knowledge and the arsenal of great questions to ask of their advisors and professional team.



When you see your physician(s) are you armed with questions that will force the doctor(s) to evaluate you as an individual, your life choices, your quality of life wishes?

When you see your estate attorney is your homework ready to ask how your wishes, dreams,  aspirations, legacy, and family harmony will be achieved?

When you consider the highest and best quality of life choices for your housing are you ready to make that decision with a full understanding of all your options?

When you are deciding who to succeed you… health and financial directives… are you fully aware of the responsibilities you are placing on others to make those decisions?

When you choose a financial advisor or wealth manager what are the questions to ask as to their method of compensation and where is their allegiance?

In addition, we provide in depth discussion of the epidemic of scams that are being perpetrated on our aging population…. i.e.  The IRS does not call you at your home…  There is no lottery that ask for money to win your prize…It is unlikely that your grandson will call you from jail to have you wire money….Did you know many charities are fraudulent?

The Monthly Series….

  1. The Best of Life is Yet to Come Preview the balance of the workshops…
  2. What does “Quality of Life” mean to you… Managing Your Care
  3. Senior Stay or Go™
  4. The Job of Looking After You, Your Health, Your Finances, Your Family
  5. To Live Long and Prosper Financially
  6. Is your Living Estate Document really working for YOU?

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