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San Diego Spotlight

By Ron Greenwald

Ron Greenwald’s San Diego Spotlight – Elder Law

On 13, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Blog, San Diego Spotlight, Video | By Ron Greenwald

Ron Greenwald is currently hosting the premier talk radio show, San Diego Spotlight! San Diego Spotlight is the radio show where we interview business owners and community leaders working to keep San Diego on the forefront of innovation and positive trends.You will be hearing the inside scoop that you just cannot get anywhere else. Today we have a very special guest in studio, Phillip Lindsley. Senior Attorney and founder of San Diego Elder Law Center. Phil is a certified elder law attorney and certified legal specialist of estate planning trust and probate.

Ron: Phil, you are now in the San Diego Spotlight. Welcome to the show!

Phil: Thank you Ron, glad to be here.

Ron: Phil as you know many of our listeners have elder parents, maybe elder grandparents, special needs children. They’re acting as care takers, having financial responsibility and care management. We know that this could be overwhelming task. We are gonna talk at length about how you and your firm help these families. But before we get into that, tell us about the Phil Lindsey back story.

Phil: Well one of the things I am proudest of is being a native San Diegan been here all my life. When I went to school here, I went to SD Sate for college than SD university for law school. So I stay close to home. When I was in college I majored and graduated in physiology. Thought that was going to be my career path. At some point in time, I was working on my masters in physiology, I switch gears and went to law school and didn’t look back. However, once I got out law school I still retained my interest in people, disabilities, and people problems of capacity. Whether it is physiological or physical, my practices have expressed that ever since. While I was still in law school, I helped find the patent advocate program at the university of San Diego as the county patience advocate during my last couple years in school. That was kinda first and most important experience, helping people in need. I got in to my little car and visited every board and care in the county San Diego, and to think of that now it was amazing. From Bonita to Fallbrook.

Ron: What was your roll doing that?

Phil: It was to investigate anybody’s complaints about the facility and resistances of their rights while they were in board and care. And to make sure there was someone adjudicating or complaining and making sure the proper authorities were aware. Abuse of people’s rights were being allowed in the board in care.

Ron: Rhis is while you were in law school?

Phil: This was back in late 70s.

Ron: This was way before the era of that kind of reporting?

Phil: Yes, but I offered it to illustrate that this is nothing new to me. I’ve been practicing now 33 years. It was in the late 90s that I focused this by founding San Diego Elder Law Center. Prior to that my practice my was a littler broader. I have a fairly broad base of state planning and trust practice. The elder law and the special needs law had become more involved in my practice. It is the part that certainly relates back to my passion, advocating for consumers in the heath care system…

Ron: You have amazing reputation in the community, I congratulate you for that. so turning back the clock a little bit for fun. USD when they play sports (basketball) what side of the arena are you on?

Phil: Like I said I was local, my dad was star of SD state basket ball team. in 1937 when they won their few championships…

Ron: 1937 for the young people..

Phil: 1937 yes! I’ve been to basket ball games way back at peterson gym, through every place they have been throughout the years. I’ve been an Aztec basket ball fan for sometime. Matter of fact, my dad was given a season pass right after they built cocks. He has always been close to the athletic foundation. So we got these wonderful season seats right in the center. About ten rows up and we had those for years, until my dad got too physical disabled to make it up and down the stairs… those stairs are killer.. and we gave those up and I kick myself. I can’t get into a game now…

Ron: and your dating yourself by cocks (the gym).

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