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Care Managers

Care Managers are experienced, independent professionals who work together with you to evaluate your situation and develop a plan that maximizes the resources that are available. With an objective, a care manager can help you plan for immediate or future long-term care needs and assist with the coordination of in-home care or community-based services. Care managers visit their clients regularly and are available 24 hours a day to provide support and advocacy when it is needed. They communicate frequently with family members and professionals such as health care providers, facility management, and financial or legal administrators.

CareManagementMany Care Management Services include:

  • Assessments and Care planning
  • Screening, arranging and monitoring in-home care services
  • Reviewing financial, legal and/or medical issues, and providing referrals to specialists
  • Crisis intervention in an emergency
  • Assistance with moving, relocation or placement in a care facility or senior community
  • Consumer education, counseling and support

The irony of not using a care manager is that most families, given the opportunity to use the care manager, think they can do it themselves and will not pay the money. Yet the services of a care manager will probably save them considerably more money than do-it-yourself. The cost of the care manager might be only a fraction of the savings the care manager could produce. Care manager services can also greatly reduce family and caregiver stress and help eliminate family disputes and disagreements.

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