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By Ron Greenwald

Rethink Home… Home Safety Checkup for Your Love One

On 10, Mar 2016 | No Comments | In Education | By Ron Greenwald

Are you connected with people, either through work or community groups, who are in the later stages of their lives? If you are looking for ways to support the older adults that you know, then a home safety checkup might be a good option to consider. Even if the individual appears to be self-sufficient, it is likely that they could use support in certain areas of their life.

Safety in the Home: Protecting the Health of Seniors

As a person ages, there are potential hazards in their home that could cause injury. A home safety checkup can be beneficial to assess the condition of the property and determine whether it is safe for a person with declining strength and mobility to move around.

During the checkup, there are two goals. First, the focus is to remove elements that could lead to injury. Certain pieces of furniture or accessories might cause a person to trip and fall, so those items should be repositioned to prevent the dangerous situations that might occur. For example, rugs can cause a person to catch their toe on the edge of the rug, which can lead to injury if the person falls.

Another consideration is the support and accessories that can be used to improve safety in the home. Items such as support bars to hold onto in the shower and wheelchair accessibility in doorways and bedrooms need to be considered.  Small changes in hardware, from knobs to pulls and levers, may make a significant improvement.

Finding the Right Home for Retirement

If a home safety checkup is done and it is determined that the property isn’t offering the safety features needed by the individual, then the person might consider selling their home to move into a home that is designed to help with accessibility. Some aging adults find it beneficial to make changes, such as moving into a home without stairs.

If you need assistance, we are here to help! At Greenwald & Gerke Realtors, we offer real estate services for aging adults. We are available to help with the needs of seniors and their families. Contact us to learn about how we can work together: (844) 782-9674.

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