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In Estate Planning

By Ron Greenwald

When Letting Go Means More Independence

On 03, Mar 2016 | No Comments | In Estate Planning | By Ron Greenwald

Quite often, seniors and their family members need advice about what to do with their home and estate. Aging adults often want to age in place because of the memories that were shared in the home. But there are times when it makes sense to sell the property and move into a new living environment. What’s the best solution?

Each situation is unique. It’s essential to think through the senior’s needs at this time of life.

They may be resistant to selling their home, especially if they feel like they are giving up their independence. The truth is, moving might actually improve lifestyle and independence, making it a better solution.

True independence is found when a person is not weighed down by heavy responsibilities. Aging adults can find it difficult to keep up with tasks such as home maintenance, home safety, and yard care. By letting go of the family home and moving into a community, it’s possible to live in surroundings where these maintenance tasks are no longer a concern. In turn, the aging adult does not feel weighed down by the tasks that are beyond their capabilities.

If the senior is not ready to let go of their home, then they should explore options to liberate themselves of the burdens and responsibilities of home ownership. For example, it might make sense to hire a licensed landscape maintenance company or a cleaning service to maintain the upkeep of the home.

Our Senior Stay or Go™ program at Greenwald & Gerke Realtors is a free service designed to help seniors and their families find the right answers. We specialize in senior real estate. Our program can help your client find the right resources and solutions. We have the experience and compassion to handle these delicate situations properly. And when your clients are happy, they appreciate you even more.

For more information, we invite you to contact any time: (844) 782-9674.

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