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By Ron Greenwald

How Modern Technology can be Empowering at All Stages in Life

On 21, Jun 2016 | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

Modern technology is an integral part of our world, and these digital tools are used by people of all ages. It is estimated that 41% of the population between the ages of 65 – 69 own smartphones, and these numbers are growing. Do you use technology to help with communication and entertainment? It is essential to consider the many tools that are available to make your life easier and more enjoyable.

Digital Tools for a Better Life

There are many circumstances when assistive products can be quite empowering for aging adults. These products help you to maintain independence and stay connected with the world. Smartphone apps can be used to talk with children and grandchildren from any location, tablets make it easy to have a library of books at your fingertips, and the internet has created the opportunity to do your shopping without leaving the house.

Technology has been integrated into cars, appliances, and other tools around the house. For example, many cars now come equipped with built-in GPS units that make it simple to navigate the roads. Other features might include satellite radio, back-up cameras, and more.

Benefits of Assistive Technology

Our modern world has allowed many aging adults to maintain their independence later in their life. There are many benefits to this assistive technology, and it is essential that you stay up to date with these tools to stay current in an ever-changing world. These tools can be used to simplify your life, freeing up more time for you to enjoy the activities that you love.

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