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By Ron Greenwald

Ron Greenwald featured in Mr. Credit’s Radio Show!

On 19, Jun 2014 | No Comments | In Blog, Education, Video | By Ron Greenwald

Ron Greenwald was featured on Mr Credit’s Financial Education Radio Programming to speak about senior living options, and the costs and concerns of seniors and their caretakers associated with these decisions.

Mr. Credit: I just went back home last weekend..

Ron: Was it over 30 degrees?..

Mr. Credit: yes.. I went back because grandma has cancer. She is in the hospital and had to have something things removed. She still has cancer in her body.. She is 85. Grandpa is 87. He is okay. He’s had heart surgery before. He’s alright. She just came back home and they live in a split foyer house. So you know how a split foyer house works? That are built under the ground? The bottom floor is below ground and then it goes up. So, you actually are walking up stairs to get to the foyer. than you have to go down steps to get down stairs. Than more steps to go up stairs. they lived in this house a very long time. I don’t know exactly how long but 40 plus years. Its been paid off forever. They are kinda in the situation where they have to figure it out, alright. At this point when a 85 and 87 year-old falls down these stairs, it’s gonna be bad.. broken hip for sure. broken bones, head trauma..even death. The are basically trying to figure out what to do. They come to the conclusion that they would rather spend money to modify the home and put safety measures in place, than to use my suggestion to sell the house. Sell the house and buy a one story home that you can walk right in, there is not a step in the whole place, and we could eliminate the possibility of a fall.

Ron: Mr. credit you’re talking rational thought. Your 87 years and 85 year-old grandparents love this home. This is why they do not wanna leave this home. Only in a pine box… thats how they wanna leave this home. This is their treasure. You’re becoming the parent and you’re parents are becoming and looking at themselves as the child. That family dynamic is not impossible, but a very difficult situation. So I actually posting on Twitter and Facebook using the hashtag #seniorstayorgo – on all posts where I give tips how to handle these types of issues.

Your grandparents may not be on Twitter, but your parents on Twitter an Facebook. So I reach out and help advise on how to handle these situations, because it’s a very difficult time. You may either have to coax them by taking them out in the car and showing them these communities and seeing how much fun they may be able to have in a senior community. Maybe it’s the right thing or you do the rehab of the house so they have the lift, the bar, no loose rugs.. but that doesn’t eliminate the possibility.

Mr. Credit: Then they’re gonna want to bring in care givers. It gets very expensive. I like your idea of taking them around and showing them. Showing them the houses that are single story, some nice options that might start a conversation if the see something they like. Then now, instead of being only emotionally tied to their current home, they start to get emotionally happy about a new home that has no stairs..

Ron: you are 100%.. It may take a year or two before they’re comfortable with it. My dad has been on this show. talking politics.. he’s 89 and here I am senior advocate preaching all of that stuff; and mentally he’s a sharp as a tack. Physically he not so…good. Here I am saying he has a two story home in the San Fernando Valley. Dad, how about putting a lift on those stairs. I am very careful, Ron.

He is a guy who wakes up and has to use a cane, walker and who has vertigo. Dad I love ya, but you can see the role reversal situation. It’s a very tough thing to overcome. A lot of times, I, as a real estate person, come in and talk to your grandparents. Just as.. who are you Ron? I just can talk to them. I am NOT a physiologist, I am not an attorney, I am just a guy talking to you about options. It’s all about options. than take what you want it from there.

Mr. Credit: Thats a great thing what Ron does in the community.

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