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By Ron Greenwald

Starting the Conversation: Why You Need to have a Strategic Plan for Managing Caregiving Employees

On 02, Mar 2017 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

A growing percentage of the population is providing care for a family member. So, most employers will face a situation where they are making adjustments to the schedule of a caregiving employee. Whether your employee is a full-time caregiver or just offering part-time support, it is essential that you maintain open communication with that individual.

As an employer, there is a fine balance between managing work priorities and also supporting the needs of your employees. The most common problems usually stem from a lack of communication. If you are focusing on retention and employee satisfaction, then you need to make sure that you are discussing scheduling needs with your employee.

Finding a Win-Win Situation

Just because an employee needs time off to care for a family member, doesn’t mean that their performance at work has to suffer. Have an open conversation to discuss the business goals and find a way to work with the employee’s preferences as well.

For example, you might offer to have the employee take Paid Time Off in hourly increments instead of requiring a full day of PTO use. Then, the employee can choose to tap into their vacation time if they need to leave early to care for their family member. Another option is to offer a flex schedule, allowing four 10-hour shifts or a different solution to meet their needs.

Putting Together a Plan

If you have a caregiving employee, then you need to put together a plan in advance. Don’t wait until the employee is turning in their notice of resignation because they can’t handle the responsibilities. Instead, talk to the person regularly to see how things are going and see what can be done to find a solution that works for everyone.

Write out the plan and provide a copy to each person involved in the meeting. Written agreements will ensure that all parties share the same understanding, helping you to avoid miscommunication later on.

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