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By Ron Greenwald

Helping Employees Find a Balance between Work, Caregiving, and Holiday Celebrations

On 01, Dec 2016 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

The holiday season is a fun time of year to spend with family and friends, and employees often feel the pull of things at home that can distract from work responsibilities. In today’s economic environment and social scenarios, there is  no down time.  Whether it is life and business planning for 2017, running around for holiday shopping,  tying up all the loose ends prior to year end,  or trying to understand all the paperwork forms and deadlines in front of you,  it is essential that you are careful to respect the work-life balance of you and your employees.

Burnout is High at the End of the Year

Even though it is a time to celebrate, many people feel the burnout of extra social activities, financial stress, and longer work hours. When individuals are spread too thin between work and home, they might hit a burnout point during this busy season. If you have any employees that are caregivers, then the risk of burnout is even higher because they are spending their free time caring for a family member in need.

It is important to meet your business goals, but you also need to think about the individual employees. Instead of demanding certain hours or shifts, consider the advantage of talking with your team to find out what works best for their schedule. This conversation will help you identify a win-win situation for everyone on the team while meeting the business goals at the same time.

An open conversation makes it easier for employees to take personal responsibility for their part in meeting company goals. Also, this conversation might uncover complimentary preferences of different team members. For example, one employee might need a little more flexibility during the morning because of caregiving responsibilities, while another employee needs free time in the afternoon to be with their kids after school. When the conversation uncovers this information, then the work schedule can be adjusted to match the needs of each individual.

Home for the Holidays

At Greenwald &Gerke Realtors, our goal is to assist caregivers and the individuals receiving the care. Choosing the right living situation can relieve the stress and lighten the burden of the caregiver. Contact us to learn more about housing options that are available for people in this situation: (844) 782-9674

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