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By Ron Greenwald

What to Expect when Hiring an Employee Who is a Caregiver

On 03, Nov 2016 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

Are you a Business Owner or Human Resource professional getting ready to hire a new employee? If you are considering an individual who is a caregiver, then there are several things that you should consider to help with the transition.

Handling the Responsibility of a New Job

A new employee has a lot of responsibility to learn their job duties and fit in with the company culture. Add this responsibility onto the burden they are dealing with at home, and it might be a lot for one person to handle. The problem with being a caregiver and a full-time employee is that there is never any down time.

The proper orientation process can assist the employee with learning their work responsibilities. It is also essential that the employer creates an environment that is understanding of the employee’s situation. If something happens and the employee needs support with their work schedule, then they should feel comfortable talking to their manager.  The employer can also reach out to charitable organizations that can bring respite care and counseling services to your employees.

Balancing Work and Home Life

Most business owners agree that they want employees to focus on work tasks when they are on the clock. But, you can’t eliminate the worries that might come up because of their caregiving responsibilities.

As an employer, you might consider offering accommodations or a flexible schedule that will help the employee achieve the work-life balance that they need. For example, it might be helpful for the person to come into the office a little early so that they can leave early to administer medications to their family member. Each case is a unique situation, which means that open communication needs to be the foundation to create a win-win situation.

Here at Greenwald &Gerke Realtors, we know that it is important to have the right living situation for both the caregiver and the person in need. Our team offers experienced real estate services for mature adults and their families. If you have a need to change the living situation of yourself or a family member, then we encourage you to contact us for more information. We are here to help, and we will gladly answer your questions: (844) 782-9674

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By Ron Greenwald

Dear Human Resource Manager – I have Two Jobs – I am a Caregiver Too!

On 10, Oct 2016 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

It is estimated that 1 in 6 employees in the United States are caregivers for a family member. How productive is an employee when they are in the office worrying about their loved one at home who needs caregiving support? Many caregivers in this situation find themselves caught in the middle of offering care to their family and keeping up with their work responsibilities at the same time.  An emotional roller coaster of guilt and economics.  It is now essential that HR departments maintain good communication with employees who are juggling their home and work responsibilities.

How Can Managers Help?

As a manager or Human Resources specialist, it is important that your role is clearly defined.  By offering the employee support to help find balance between their work schedule and care giving responsibilities at home, the result will be both a more productive employee and a better caregiver.

To start, it is essential to have an empowering and positive conversation with the employee to understand the issues they are facing. This communication is beneficial to create a non-threatening environment where employees are comfortable talking with management about their concerns. In many situations, the employer may not aware of the situation which causes a high level of stress on part of the employee.

Offering Support Services

Begin to implement programs to support the needs of the employees. Small adjustments to work schedules or flex time can make a big difference to provide the person with the support needed to care for their family member at home.  Support the employee by providing respite opportunity through the various non-profit organizations in your community.  Provide opportunities through educational workshops and one-on-one meetings with licensed social workers who can guide and assist both employer and employee through a very difficult time that has no end period.

Keep in mind that caregiving is becoming the new normal. If you aren’t already working with a caregiving employee, then it is inevitable that it will happen soon. By demonstrating flexibility in the workplace, and providing educational, respite, and counseling opportunity, you can improve employee satisfaction and increase retention.

Here at Greenwald &Gerke Realtors, we want to support mature adults and their families. We know that it is essential to have the right living environment during retirement, and we can offer the real estate support that is needed. Contact our team of experienced real estate professionals to learn more about the services that are offered: (844) 782-9674

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