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By Ron Greenwald

An Interview with Merrianne Dean, The Dean Law Group, APLC….

On 13, Apr 2017 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

You have worked hard to build assets and financial support for your retirement.  It  is vitally important that you work with a team of professionals that specialize in the ways to protect  your financial and personal wishes.

Merrianne E. Dean, Principal of The Dean Law Group, APLC, located in San Diego, CA. is that person.  By having years of cross training in being an estate and trust litigator while preparing estate plans, Merrianne has seen and heard all the war stories.  Merrianne will support you in order to stay in control of your future.  She talked to us about a few things that should be done to prepare for life’s events…

What’s Ahead for Your Family?

The future is now, tomorrow, one year from now, and beyond.   You need to  take action right now to prepare for those  future events that will happen when you least expect them to occur. Consider your current home and how it will work if you need to have an in-home caregiver later in life. Look at your finances and how they will support the retirement lifestyle that you desire.

Many individuals do not take time to understand the cost of what will be and what are the options available.   Do you want to leave your dreams and desires to total chance?  It is beneficial to work with an estate planner who will offer advice about how a comprehensive plan can keep you in charge and protected.

Don’t Fail to Plan!

Those that fail to plan, leave their loved ones to fight it out in court. For example, if an individual didn’t put together an estate plan, then it is possible that the court proceedings might be necessary to establish a conservatorship. This process is in full view of the court and is made public for all to view.  Conservatorship grants legal authority to a person who can take care of someone who has lost the ability to care for themselves. This legal authority can include the authority to pay the bills, handle decisions about the estate, and make medical decisions.

A preferred solution is to setup an effective estate plan so that these legal proceedings are not necessary. If you don’t plan for the future and the family needs to establish a conservatorship, then they will  accrue thousands of dollars in litigation costs . Family members often have differing opinions about how things should be handled, which results in years of legal fees and acrimony.

The best way to avoid these problems is to work with an estate planner. You can put together a plan that handles the details in advance. If you need support for real estate transactions or moving to a new home, then our team at Greenwald &Gerke Realtors. Call us for more information: (844) 782-9674

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