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By Ron Greenwald

2016 Gift Giving Guide for the Empty Nester

On 09, Nov 2016 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

The weather is cooling off and the holidays are drawing near, which means that many people are working on their shopping list for the holiday season. These gifts should be personalized and thoughtful, catering to the needs of each person.

Do you have a mature family member who seems to already have everything that they need? Finding the right gift for a beloved family member is the perfect way to show the person that you care. Here are a few ideas to help you choose a gift for this person:

  • Memories: It is fun to share the gift of memories with the people that you love. For example, you might have a coffee mug custom made with a photo of the grandkids. Or, talk to your local photo center about designing a photo calendar with pictures of the whole family. The gift receiver will love the photos and reminders around the house.
  • Technology: Seniors want to stay up-to-date with current technology. You can help with this effort by gifting technology items such as a tablet or a smartphone. These tools can be a great way to help them stay connected with family members.
  • Hobbies and Pastimes: How does the person enjoy spending their time? Look for hobby-focused products such as golf clubs, yarn, or a gift certificate to a local movie theater. Another option is something to keep the mind sharp. Today’s advice is to give a gift that will require new learning as opposed to game of recall, like learning a new language.
  • Personal Care Products: If a person is living in a retirement community, then they might be using some of the personal care products provided by the community. Consider giving the individual scented soap, hand cream, cologne, or other personal care products that they enjoy using.

When you are buying a gift for a mature adult, remember that these items can leave a long-lasting impression to show them that you care.

At Greenwald &Gerke Realtors, our team provides experienced real estate services for retired adults and their families. If you are interested in learning more about housing options in the later years of life, then we encourage you to contact us right away: (844) 782-9674

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By Ron Greenwald

Dietary Tips to Maximize Energy and Health for Mature Adults

On 20, Oct 2016 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

Good nutrition is the foundation of health and wellness, and many mature adults are learning more about the importance of well-balanced meals. Young adults can eat what they want without feeling the immediate impact of their dietary choices. On the other hand, mature adults feel the effects when they aren’t eating foods that support energy and overall health.

If you are looking for ways to boost your health, then you should consider these dietary habits that will give you more energy:

Lean Protein Consumption

The amino acids in protein are the building blocks for muscles and immune support. Mature adults have a high risk of broken bones, muscle degeneration, and infections. By increasing your protein consumption, it is possible to boost the immune system, rebuild muscle, and decrease the risk of these problems.

Women should be eating at least 45 grams, and men should consume a minimum of 65 grams of protein per day. Add lean protein sources into your diet, such as tuna, chicken, egg whites, or string cheese.

Antioxidants in Fruits and Vegetables

Eating fresh fruits and vegetables will supply your body with the healing antioxidants that help to reduce the risk of certain diseases. Include raw, fresh fruits and veggies with every meal. The fiber will aid digestion, and you will notice a change in your energy levels.

Stay Hydrated

The amount of water that you drink each day can directly affect energy levels. Dehydration causes the body to slow down, and it can lead to other health problems such as blood pressure changes, constipation, dry skin, dry eyes, headaches, and muscle cramps. If you want to stay active, then you need to be sure that you are getting at least 2 liters of water per day.

Dehydration is common in mature adults, and there are some medications and health conditions that might require more water intake. So, it is best to talk with your doctor to find out the recommended amount that you should be drinking each day.

At Greenwald & Gerke Realtors, our team is focused on the health and wellness of every client that contacts us. We want to help you create a comfortable retirement lifestyle so that you can enjoy the active hobbies that you love. Contact us to talk with a team of real estate professionals offering services to mature adults: (844) 782-9674

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