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By Ron Greenwald

Top 3 Spring Travel Destinations for Retirees

On 16, Mar 2017 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

Spring is a great time of year to travel because the weather is starting to get warm and you can enjoy your vacation before the busy summer crowds show up. Are you itching to explore a new destination? Here are a few options for the spring season:


White beaches and crystal clear water are waiting, giving you a warm getaway to enjoy. The Caribbean offers many destinations with all-inclusive resorts, allowing you to show up and relax for the rest of the trip. If you don’t want to share your trip with college-aged kids, then stay away from some of the busy spring-break destinations such as Cancun.

Instead, you could consider a quiet couples-only resort further down the Mexican Riviera coastline. Or, choose an island somewhere else in the Caribbean area.


Do you enjoy historical sights and beautiful cathedrals? Then Europe is the perfect destination for you! The summer months can get busy, making it difficult to get around without fighting the crowds. So, plan your trip in the spring months before school lets out. The weather is warm enough that you can enjoy time outside without packing your heavy winter clothing.

For cheap destinations, consider Eastern Europe such as Poland or Hungary. If you want to enjoy the coastline, then you might look at destinations in Portugal or Southern Spain.

Las Vegas

If you love great food and fun entertainment, then Las Vegas can be the perfect destination. But, the summer months are too hot to enjoy any time outside! Instead, plan your Vegas vacation in the spring before the temperatures warm up.

Book a room away from the strip if you want a place to relax without fighting the crowds. You might consider a resort with highly-rated golf course and spa services.

Are you ready to “rightsize” your home so that you can enjoy more travel during retirement? Our team at Greenwald &Gerke Realtors is here to help! We provide the assistance that you need to find the best living situation to match your preferred lifestyle. Contact us to learn more about the services that are available: (844) 782-9674

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By Ron Greenwald

Go Go Grandparent: Helping Your Family Members Get Around San Diego

On 09, Mar 2017 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

At Greenwald & Gerke Realtors, we are always looking for solutions that can be used to maximize your lifestyle during retirement. Recently, we interviewed Justin Boogaard, who is the co-creator of “Go Go Grandparent.” The idea is designed to help mature adults who can no longer drive to be able to use their phone to access easy transportation and other services.

The great thing about this solution is that the program can be used on a flip phone instead of a smartphone, making it easier for people who don’t have access to touch-screen technology on their cell phone.

Supporting Independence for Your Family Members

As a person ages, it is important to help them maintain independence as much as possible. But, many people feel like they are losing their independence when they need to hand over the car keys. Luckily, there are now solutions that provide transportation to help a person get around the San Diego area.

What is Go Go Grandparent?

Unlike other transportation services such as Uber or Lyft, Go Go Grandparent doesn’t require the use of a smartphone app. If a person can call a phone number, then they can use the service. These services can be used from a landline or a flip phone, giving people easy access without the need to navigate the touchscreen technology of a smartphone.

On the first phone call, you will need to register with an operator. Then, on future calls, you can use the dial tone to order personal services. For example:

  • Press 1 for a car to be sent to your home
  • Press 2 for a car to be sent to where we dropped you off last
  • Other options include meals and groceries

Soon other services will be available, including medication delivery. The service offers an easy push-button system so that you can manage your needs without speaking to an operator.

Finding the Right Living Solution

At Greenwald & Gerke Realtors, we want to assist you in maintaining the independence that you desire. By finding the right home and using these types of services, you can avoid living in a retirement community if you don’t want to move there at this point in your life. Contact us to learn more about the best retirement living solutions to match your needs: (844) 782-9674

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