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By Ron Greenwald

Taking on the World of Apps, Social Media, and Instant Communications

On 16, Jun 2016 | No Comments | In Blog | By Ron Greenwald

With each passing day there is a growing surge of aging adults taking on the digital world.  We want to stay in touch with loved ones, purchase products, and stay timely. Today, you will see an octogenarian with an Apple™ Watch and certainly working their Smart Phone.  The digital age has created an environment for parents and grandparents to see, hear, and listen to updates from friends and family members through the various social media channels.

The Online Scam Epidemic

With all the positive of additional socialization that digital media allows for those seniors that live alone and away from their family, there is that dark side. There is an epidemic of scammers working overtime to take a lifetime of savings away from our aging folks.

Tips for Staying Safe Online

  • Show your loved one stories from the newspaper and the internet news sites.   Actual stories   from the trenches is a very impactful way to show your loved one that the threat is real and that real people get caught in a scammers web of deceit.
  • Make it a habit for your loved one to always, always, always call you, a friend, and a trusted professional before making any financial decisions over a certain dollar threshold.
  • Computer Safety – Make sure your loved one has a computer tune up at least twice a year. Have an expert check for viruses and key trackers.  Make sure the right anti-virus software is in place
  • Safe Online Shopping Websites – Together, identify the safe websites.  Write down the list of safe web sites.  If the site is not on the list, your loved one needs to call you first before proceeding.
  • Visit your Loved Ones Banker  – Twice a year make a joint call to your loved one’s banker.  The bank tellers and managers should know you face.  If your loved ones starts to enter the bank for withdrawals with someone other you, the bank tellers and managers are mandated reporters.

Yes, it is possible to stay safe and sane in the digital world.  Be pro-active for yourself and your loved ones.  Make it a team effort.  Share with your loved one some of the phony emails you received to show your aging parent or grandparent that you too are subject to hacking.

Here at Greenwald Gerke, we want to help your parents and grandparents live the highest quality of life and avoid being a victim of financial elder abuse. We are here to help.  For more information about how we can work together, call us right away: (844) 782-9674

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