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By Ron Greenwald

Matthew M.

On 20, Jun 2011 | In Real Estate | By Ron Greenwald


Hi Ron,

Forgive my delay in offering thanks for your handling of our house sale. I’m still feeling a little giddy with the extra dollars in my life. Your administration of this project has been completely professional format he get-go. Not only did you extend our family every courtesy, you patiently took us through the estate process with an eye towards explaining the unknowns and answering our endless questions. Such extra depth in client services seems sadly to have become real rarity in our culture. Your attitude helped my siblings and me to navigate a potentially emotional adventure with a minimum of fear and anxiety. Please receive my thanks and gratitude for your skill and consideration. I would not hesitate to seek your representation in any future transaction, nor would I hesitate to endorse your involvement to anyone asking my opinion. If you’re not careful, you’re going to give realty brokers a good name!

Matthew M.Home SellerEagle Point, OR

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